Coul Links Gallery


A few images of Coul Links. Hopefully more soon.

(If the foot of each image is cropped in your browser the copyright statements on the first, second and fourth images reserve rights for Mike and on the third image (beach) for Dr Julian

Images five to twelve courtesy of Ian Mackenzie.

Images thirteen to twentyone taken by Ian Horsfield in the last sunlight of 21st February 2016 and images thirtytwo to thirtyfour on a breezy 12th July 2017.

Images twentytwo to twentyfive of the land adjacent to the Dornoch to Skelbo road taken on 12th May 2016.

All images by Ian Horsfield are copyright © Ian Horsfield 2024, all rights reserved.

Images twentysix to thirtyone courtesy of Andrew Weston with copyright reserved. Please contact Andrew Weston for usage of these and other images of flora at Coul Links.


More images and drone shots can be found at



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